Hello! We are so happy that you found us.

We are a handmade jewelry company in Southern California that creates minimal and
personalized jewelry. We love delicate and dainty pieces that layer together effortlessly.
We create pieces that can be mixed & matched together, creating unique and endless
possibilities. Delicate Layers is our newest collection by Jewelology. It mixes minimal
and feminine design with uncompromised quality and style.

When you order one of our pieces you can be sure you are getting the absolute best
quality jewelry that is handmade with love, by people who really love what they do!
We make each and every Delicate Layers piece one-by-one, by hand, paying very
close attention to details, so every piece that leaves our studio is perfect. We take
pride in making sure each order is made exactly to your specifications and that it
arrives beautifully packaged to you. 

In September 2017 we introduced our custom engraved bar necklaces. Our bar
necklaces are different than others. Each bar necklace starts out as a thick sheet of
premium 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Our bars are made with thicker than average
sheets of gold fill & sterling silver that are made here in the USA. No plated metals are
used. Each Bar is cut by hand, sanded, filed and polished in our studio. Each bar
necklace is made one at a time to ensure amazing quality. No mass productions here.
  Each and every bar we make is a labor of love and worth every penny!  

I feel blessed that every day I get to do what I love, with people I love. This company is
my heart and soul and I hope every customer we work with comes away with a
genuinely wonderful experience.